Schegler offers a wide range of heavy-duty slurry pump solutions to handle the most abrasive liquids in the most challenging conditions. Firmly anchored in the quarrying, mining, dredging, recycling, and industrial processing industries, Schegler continuously monitors, analyzes, and improves processes to offer targeted solutions to its clients.


Horizontal Slurry Pump

Schegler Vigor Horizontal Slurry Pump

Discharge sizes 25 to 450mm (1″ to 18″)

Capacity up to 5000m³/h

Total head up to 73m

  • Replaceable wet-end parts
  • Various sealing systems
  • Cartridge-type bearing assembly
  • Wet-end parts available in various metals and elastomers


Vertical Slurry Pump

Schegler Verido Vertical Slurry Pump

Discharge sizes 40 to 250mm (1.5″ to 10″)

Capacity up to 1135m³/h

Total head up to 50m

  • Cantilevered design avoids submerged bearings
  • No sealing system necessary
  • Replaceable wet-end parts
  • Wet-end parts available in various metals and elastomers